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Preowned/Repo Manufactured Homes in Arkansas

If you have looked much for a preowned or repossessed home, you have probably found they are extremely tough to come by... at least good ones at affordable prices.  At American Homes,  that's exactly what we try to specialize in when dealing in the preowned or repossessed market.


The shortage in preowned homes (really from about 2000-2013 or so) was caused by credit tightening and fewer new homes being sold during this period resulting in fewer used homes now.  While we continue to offer these value homes when we can find them (sure you can find used homes but often trash or near new prices), these quality preowned homes rarely make our website as buyers are often waiting. Feel free to call and get on our call list by calling 479-968-1916 to receive a call when we get a preowned home added to our inventory. 

Either or used...give us a call today as we are here to help you.  479-968-1916

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